Adeline’s Journal :War of 1812 – A Wedding

A Wedding: August 29, 1813 


The following excerpt is from the diary of Adeline’s sister, Eveline Price.

Thistledown Farm, 

August 29, 1813

Dear Diary,

Adeline and Charles were married today at the Little Blue Church in Prescott.  Adeline looked beautiful in mother’s re-styled maroon afternoon gown.  We made over the neckline, adding a lace fichu made from one of the capelets that Grandma Price sent us last summer.  I braided Adeline’s lovely auburn hair and wound it into a coil at the back of her neck.  She wore a small ivory silk bonnet with maroon ribbons and Mother had made a short cap to fit over the shoulders of the dress.  Elizabeth made Adeline a bridal bouquet of red asters and white daisies from her garden, which we tied with the leftover maroon silk.  

Adeline and Charles looked so sweet together, maroon and scarlet side by side, standing before Rev. Bethune.  The only people there were our family and Charles’ friend, John Thompson, who along with Father, signed the register as a witness.  I wish I were able to paint a portrait of Addy and Charles.  They gave each other such tender smiles when they were pronounced husband and wife.  We all cheered.  

Mrs. Randall served us a wedding supper of venison and grouse at their home.  Mrs. Randall had even managed to produce a proper wedding cake with butter icing and yellow pansies on top as a decoration.  It was delicious and we all went outside afterwards to embrace the bride and groom before they drove off to spend the night at our brother William’s cabin.  Arthur threatened to chivaree them, as they do in Lower Canada, but Robert and William talked him out of it.  I am so glad because chivarees are awful really, noisemaking and sometimes even kidnapping the groom.    I am so happy for my dear sister.  May God bless them with a long life together.

After the celebration, Father, Arthur and Robert returned to Fort Wellington.  William, who is still recovering from his Sackett’s Harbour wound, drove us back home.   It was strange to sleep alone in our bed.  It will be this way when Charles’ and Addy’s cabin is built.  There will be no more giggling in the dark or singing hymns after our prayers.  I will surely miss my older sister, but hopefully, one day I will be married too.  



Adeline’s Diary resumes:

Sunday, September 5, 1813

Thistledown Farm again,

Dear Janetta,

I am now writing my journal as a married woman.  My husband, Charles Andrew Houghton, is the kindest, dearest man.  I am so blessed to be his wife.  I do regret this awful war, but I thank God above that it brought my beloved Charles into my life.  I have been married a week, but it seems so much longer, we have packed so much activity into each day.  

Our one night at William and Elizabeth’s cabin was brief but lovely.  I’m back at home now, but everyone treats me differently, more like a grown person.  Charles has promised to visit as soon as possible and as often as he can.  He has hired two men from Johnstown to help Mr. Randall build our cabin.  He wants our home to be ready for us as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, I am making towels and some rag rugs for the cabin.  I am also finishing the quilt I began a while ago.  Mother, Evvy and I have been making preserves and helping with the second crop of hay.  Our hay mow is almost filled and there is enough for William and Elizabeth too as well as some for Charles and me.  It doesn’t take Eveline and me long to go to sleep.  We’re too tired to talk at bedtime.


Adeline  Houghton (I love writing my new name)

Sunday, September 25, 1813

Dear Janetta,

I am now living in our new cabin.  It still smells of cedar shavings.  We haven’t got a name for it yet, but I am making it as snug as possible.  Charles will be coming to stay whenever he can until this war is over. Father doesn’t want me to stay alone in the cabin over the winter, but I’m quite capable of taking care of myself and the animals.  We are buying a cow from the nearest farmer, Mr. Moffat, and we have a work horse that Charles brought back from the Randalls.  Charlemagne is a good strong fellow with a gentle disposition.  He and I are getting to know one another and he seems very content in the lean-to stable.  

Charles and I have a new puppy thanks to Robert Randall.  He gave us one of his collie’s litter and I have named him Pirate  because he has a dark fur patch around his right eye.  Pirate is a mischievous pup but he follows me around and sleeps at the bottom of our bed.  He is good company for me while Charles is at the fort.



Thursday, September 30, 1813

Dear Janetta,

William brought Elizabeth, Mother and Evvy to visit me today.  They thought our little cabin very cozy.  It overlooks a meadow and there are two large elm trees near the house and a mixed forest of mostly evergreens behind.   I put a lunch of bread, butter, sliced venison and mint tea  out for us on the table Charles made for us under one of the elms.  Mother brought a sack of macintosh apples with her and we enjoyed a pleasant picnic out of doors.

William took me aside before he took Mother, Elizabeth and Evvy home.  He warned me that one of the O’Meara brothers had been seen in Prescott and he asked me if I wanted to go back to Thistledown Farm for awhile, but I said no.  Charles will be home any day now.

Hopefully, Adeline

By mpmckibbon

I am a pastor/writer/illustrator and I am a happily married grandmother. My passions are drawing, painting, writing and making crafts. I write, edit and publish a magazine for hospice patients, and residents of retirement homes and nursing homes.

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