Butterfly Lullaby for Eilish

Here is the lullaby I wrote for my granddaughter, Eilish.




The Butterfly Lullaby

For Eilish

Words © 2008 Mollie Pearce McKibbon


Where do butterflies sleep

When they go to bed?

There’s a green grassy place

For their wings to spread.


Where do high-flying birds

Find a spot to rest?

They can cuddle right down

In a leafy nest.


Where do tiny mice go

When the wind turns cold?

As daylight is fading

They find a snug hole.


Where does my sleepy one

Lay her tired head?

My arms and my lap make

A cozy warm bed.


I will sing you to sleep

With my heart’s own song

When the sky becomes dark

And the moonbeams long.

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