Fright Night

Fright Night

©2003 Mollie Pearce McKibbon

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T’was the latest night in October

When my head was filled with dread

And the house was silent as a tomb,

As the wind round the chimney sped.

Branches scratched on the window pane

As the wind moaned and cried.

I shrank back into the shadows

To shelter from the horrors outside.

I thought my hour had truly come

As the clock ticked loudly on

But when I cracked open the window blinds

The ghouls and ghosts seemed gone.

Until somewhere through the smothering fog

The advancing shapes of two undead

Heard the unearthly howl of a dog.

“We’re back, we’re back”,

Was their ominous shout

As they made their way through the withering cold.

I knew there’d be no keeping them out,

No door would ever hold.

I waited with thundering pulse

As they trod over the sill

Dragging their plunder into my house

To gorge on whatever they willed.

Then the house was silent again

When their appetites were fed,

And I sighed with relief and gratitude

As I tucked those two little ghouls in bed.

By mpmckibbon

I am a pastor/writer/illustrator and I am a happily married grandmother. My passions are drawing, painting, writing and making crafts. I write, edit and publish a magazine for hospice patients, and residents of retirement homes and nursing homes.

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