The Other Cat

This blog post gave me lots of chuckles. I know you will enjoy reading it as well.

Around ZuZu's Barn


Having written A Berkshire Tale with a kitten, ZuZu,  as the main character (ZuZu is my own little  tabby I rescued from under a barn.), I’ve found whenever I write a post with a feline tag, cat lovers tune in. They are a loyal audience.  So, today I’m writing just for them.

Often, people who know me and who read A Berkshire Tale solemnly advise that I should write about “the other cat”. They seem to feel I’m favoring one furry child, ZuZu, over the other, Roxie. They apparently are concerned about her self-esteem. They worry she might IMG_0115develop an inferiority complex once the book hits the best-seller list.

Now,Roxie is a bit quirky in a perverted sort of way. She spent the first few weeks with us atop the refrigerator, swatting wildly at me when I climbed the step-stool to pet her head and  coming down to eat at night…

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By mpmckibbon

I am a pastor/writer/illustrator and I am a happily married grandmother. My passions are drawing, painting, writing and making crafts. I write, edit and publish a magazine for hospice patients, and residents of retirement homes and nursing homes.


  1. Roxie thanks you and hopes you enjoy more Roxie aka The Other Cat posts. She loves the attention she is getting and is strutting around telling ZuZu about her new-found fame. I’m afraid she will be very difficult to live with this week.

      1. Roxie says, “Thank you” and is saving all comments along these lines to convince me to write a book about her. She still cannot accept the fact that ZuZu has a book and she doesn’t.Life can be cruel!

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