A Winter Sport Poem

2 players_jpgHere’s something for the hockey fans:

Hockey Fans

© 2015 Mollie Pearce McKibbon



O the clacking of sticks

And the scraping of blades,

The shower of ice as

The forward evades

The defenceman.


O the grunting and groaning,

The thwacking of puck,

The audience moaning

As the goalie’s pad’s struck.

The fans are hoarse screeching;

From the seats they arise

Like angry whales breeching

From water to skies.

As the black rubber disc

Slides toward the net

To bounce off the post,

Meaning – no goal yet!

The home crowd subsides

With a corporate sigh

Like the outgoing tides.


There is a whacking of bodies

Against the arena boards

And a fist fight erupts

While the organist chords

Bars from “Rocky”.

The referee seizes

The combatants before

Blood flows freely

On the rink’s icy floor.


The face-off is intense,

But the home team prevails

With a hard slamming shot

And into the net sails

The elusive puck.

There’s a brief pause of surprise,

Then thunder resounds

From the cheers that arise

And quickly compounds.

The other team’s not dismayed,

It’s only first period –

There’s more to be played.

So grab a team jersey

And break out the beer,

The fans are all thirsty

And hockey is here

At last!

Winter Doggerel!


Skating Practice

© 2014 Mollie McKibbon


Thump, bump- I’m on my rump.

O what a place to be,

While all around me spin the ones

So gracefully at ease.


Thump, bump- I’m down again.

Alack and oh, alas.

Doing figure eights on their skates,

I watch those athletes pass.


Thump, bump – I’m such a lump

Of misery on the rink.

If only the ice would crack or melt,

From sight I’d gladly sink.


Thump, bump – it’s such a pain

To be the only one

Who can’t stand up on her skates

And join in all the fun.


Slide, glide – so that’s the trick

To staying on your feet.

Persistence pays in many ways

To make one’s life complete.


Oh whee!  Look at me

Sailing cross the ice.

I’m speeding by so very fast

That stopping won’t be nice.

Push the Creativity Reset Button Every Day

This is a really great morale boost for any artist by Sandy Ackers on her blog “Strangling the Muse”.  I really love this blog entry.

Strangling My Muse

Has this ever happened to you? You’re determined to start writing or painting or pursuing another creative passion on a regular basis. So you sit down to treaty negotiations with your Muse, and the two of you draw up a plan: Your Muse agrees to visit you for half an hour before work every day to provide inspiration, and you agree to show up with paper and pen or paints.

The two of you sign and notarize the document, your Muse flits off to study the funky aardvark dance that’s sweeping Madagascar, and you give yourself a celebratory high-five in the mirror before going to bed feeling great.

Things work wonderfully for the first week. You set your alarm early, get up, and write or paint your heart out.

The next Sunday night, your cat has a hairball emergency requiring your middle-of-the-night supervision. Obviously, after all the midnight drama, you’re…

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Welcome to My World

You have probably come to my page because you are a writer or an artist or just curious.  Please pull up a chair and just relax, because as a rule I’m somewhat laid back.  I tend to be an optimist about people, time and life in general.  At the moment, snow is piled in great heaps outside our door, but under that snow is another spring, summer, and fall.  I love the sparkle of winter, though I’m not so keen about the temperature.  Brr!  As the years go on, the speed at which the next season arrives seems to be much faster, so I just bundle up and drink the hot chocolate while time marches on.

As a writer, I enjoy reading short stories as well as novels.  I presently edit and publish a local magazine called “s.m.i.l.e.” for the residents of seniors’ homes, nursing homes and hospice patients.  Through the magazine I have learned to write articles as well as short stories and the feed back we get from the readers is so far enthusiastic.  We also include humour, puzzles, and poetry.  I like putting all the elements together with photos and art to make an attractive page and a interesting read.  Our magazine is completely filled with volunteered contributions and I send it in PDF format wherever it needs to go.  This way the institutions and groups are able to print up as many copies as they need at the time.

I also write monologue, skits and plays, mostly, but not wholly, for church.  And I have begun to write

hymns and songs in the past few years.  I want to share some of my writing, art and spirit in this blog and hopefully make it interesting enough to get you writing back.  What do you think ?