Winter Doggerel!


Skating Practice

© 2014 Mollie McKibbon


Thump, bump- I’m on my rump.

O what a place to be,

While all around me spin the ones

So gracefully at ease.


Thump, bump- I’m down again.

Alack and oh, alas.

Doing figure eights on their skates,

I watch those athletes pass.


Thump, bump – I’m such a lump

Of misery on the rink.

If only the ice would crack or melt,

From sight I’d gladly sink.


Thump, bump – it’s such a pain

To be the only one

Who can’t stand up on her skates

And join in all the fun.


Slide, glide – so that’s the trick

To staying on your feet.

Persistence pays in many ways

To make one’s life complete.


Oh whee!  Look at me

Sailing cross the ice.

I’m speeding by so very fast

That stopping won’t be nice.