This Summer’s Garden Gems

This year our garden is blooming with colour.  Here are a few of the flowers we have – Black-eyed susans, Speedwell, bee balm and more.  Take a walk through our garden.

Bee balm portrait 2019

Cosmos 2019Black-eyed Susans and daisies 2019

purple spikes 2019

Still Life in a Time of Drought

Our poor garden is still going even during our season of drought.  The gladiolas have fainted but the phlox and sunflowers are doing quite well.  Black-eyed susans are perky and the birds are taking baths in the heat.  At the birdbathBath time in AugustHere is the proof.


Sunflower patchsunflowersBlack-eyed susans near the porchPink phlox in view


If you happen to know any rain dances, Ontario would surely appreciate it.  Our grass is crispy crunch right now.  😀