A Children’s Hymn

Listening to Jesus

A Friend of Jesus

© 2012 Mollie Pearce McKibbon

7 7 7 7


I am a friend to Jesus

‘Cause he’s a friend to me.

Friends stick up for each other

Whatever the cost may be.




Sometimes I’m scared like Peter.

Sometimes I’m angry like Saul.

Sometimes I doubt like Thomas,

But Jesus forgives me all.



I am a friend for Jesus

‘Cause he is a friend for me.

Friends will stand by each other,

Wherever their friend may be.



I am friend of Jesus

No matter what others say.

He ‘s promised not to leave me,

And come find me if I stray.



If others could hear Jesus’

If only their eyes could see,

Then everyone would know him

And call him their friend , like me.