My Bible Illustrations

Moses 3Moses in the Bullrushes.

Moses and the Burning Bush

Moses and the Burning Bush

I made these illustrations for a children’s picture Bible which has yet to be published.  Many other artists also made illustrations for it.  I hope one day it will be completed, but in the meantime, here are two of the illustrations I did.

Autumn’s End

Autumn Joy: A collage by Mollie Pearce McKibbon

Autumn’s End

by Mollie Pearce McKibbon  October 2012

The golden gowns of Autumn

Are tarnished now and shed

By Octobers scathing winds;

In tatters they are spread.

Scarlet robes vainglorious

Lie trampled underfoot

As bonfires bright burn up the night

Turning all to ash and soot.

The burnished moon of harvest

Is shrunken small and wan,

And all of summer’s singers

Have flown their nests and gone.