Valentine’s Day Crafts

Here are some of the crafts we were making in our group at our church for the seniors living at the local nursing home:

puffy yarn hearts.jpg

Puffy yarn hearts – made by winding yarn over a cardboard shape.

Heart shape 3D

3D heart shape – putting 4 heart-shaped cutouts together.

Woven yarn heart

Woven yarn heart – like the sewing cards we did as children.Roses and lace brooches #2

Rose and lace brooches – rolled felt roses on lace with safety pin backing.

I think the seniors will be well pleased with their Valentines!

Homestyle Millinery

My good friend, Dymoon, gave me a huge bag of reclaimed material for crafts.  I was going through it one day and discovered a large piece of woollen houndstooth check and had an inspiration.  I started out only to sew an infinity scarf, but soon the project grew into a scarf, hat and clutch purse.  Here are the results.  I have worn the hat and scarf, but I am anticipating using the purse soon also.  The hat is quite warm as I stiffened the crown with a thick felted material.  It is the first time I have made this kind of hat and my very first purse, so I am happy with the results.


The hat consists of a large circle (slightly larger than a dinner plate) gathered into a band (my head size).  As I mentioned I stiffened the crown with a inner lining of felt.  Then I added a bow to the hat band.



To make the purse I cut out a long rectangle of material, interlined  it with more felt, made a cotton lining and turned the cotton lining right side out so that the seams were inside.  Then I folded one end up part way and the other end down to partially cover it.  It made an envelope.  I finished off the raw ends of the purse flap by turning it inward slightly and blind stitching it.  I then sewed on velcro for a closing and added a bow.  I made a smaller envelope out of the houndstooth material to hold makeup etc. inside the purse.


I enjoyed the process of designing and constructing the three items.  I hope my description is clear.

Fun Earrings for Ears Not Pierced

If you are anything like me and cannot have pierced ears ( been there, did it and ended up with a messy infection due to an allergic reaction) or you simply choose not to, you might like an alternative.  Years ago when ear piercing was not so widespread women wore clip earrings.  You may have noticed that they are almost impossible to find now unless you haunt estate sales, auctions or your grandmother’s closet. I have long admired the cutesy earrings worn by friends who do have pierced ears.  It seems that they always have seasonal earrings in their earlobes – Christmas Trees, Easter eggs, Halloween pumpkins, etc.  I was envious because I just had to make do with the pairs I had which were sparkly, or the right colours for the season.

Then one day I was looking at some photos of the beautifully knit sweaters a friend had made for my children when they were small.  They had puppy, cowboy, and kitten designs on them with buttons to match each design.  I remembered seeing other buttons for children’s clothes and even some for adults with interesting shapes and objects on them.  Hmm, I thought, I wonder if I could use actual buttons to make some fun earrings for myself.  I made a trip to the craft department of a local Walmart and sure enough I found some daisies, yellow ducks, and apples on the button rack.  I then searched for the snap-on earring findings.  These are a bit harder to find.  I needed the kind that have a flat surface on which I could glue my buttons.  A crafts store like Michaels is the best place to look, but even then it may be quite a search.  The helpful clerk at the store I shopped in suggested a trip to a second-hand clothing store might be the answer.  They often sell bags of old clip-on or screw-back earrings for a mere pittance and the unwanted decorations could be removed so that the findings could be re-used.

I did find the kind of backing I needed, so I heated up my glue gun and prepared to make my earrings.  The first thing I had to do was take the plastic loop off the back of the buttons.  It can be done very carefully with the wire-cutting pliers.  All that remains then is to hot glue them to the metal backing.  I was a bit concerned that the glue might not hold but I have worn my earrings several times and they are still intact.  Use just enough glue to fasten the buttons securely to the backing.  Wait until the glue dries completely before trying them on (ear burns otherwise). Buttons with holes are good to use as well.  You could always put a small bead in the holes if they bother you, but otherwise, don’t bother.  No one will notice and if they do they will simply think it is part of the design.

Have fun making your earrings.  Today I found some really great strawberry buttons as well as some with air planes, tugboats, and trains. I also saw (but didn’t purchase) some nice black and white lace designs and some bumble bees and lady bugs.  Actually, you might find some great buttons in your own button jar at home.  Never throw away a garment without checking the buttons.  You never know what treasures you have in your rag bag.

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