Thanksgiving Doggerel

family-reunion-clip-art-reunion-picThanksgiving Feast

©  2019 Mollie McKibbon

Mama’s in the kitchen

And dinner smells so good,

We’re sent to set the table

As all hungry children should.

We’ve folded all the napkins

And pulled up all our chairs.

Papa is so famished

He rumbles like the bears.

The potatoes have been mashed, 

And the carrots have been creamed,

The turkey bursts with stuffing, 

And the onions have been steamed.

As we sit around the table

With our relatives galore,

Papa says the shortest blessing

Than he’s ever said before.

Our eyes are on the kitchen,

With our napkins tucked to chins,

When Mama brings the platter

And Papa starts to grin.

The turkey smells delicious

As she wafts it by our nose,

And all of us together

Are curling up our toes.

There’s a leg for my big brother,

A wing for my dear sis,

And another leg for mother

While Papa takes some breast.

After all my aunts and uncles

Have each made their own pick,

There’s hardly any turkey left

For me to get a lick.

Because I am the youngest,

When the turkey has been cut,

I’m lucky if I end up with 

What’s on the turkey’s butt.

A Romantic Poem

It’s All Your Fault

©2015 Mollie Pearce McKibbon

My eye is black because of you;

You don’t know what you put me through.

My nose is swollen, a tooth is loose,

I think it’s time we called a truce.

I know just how this war began;


I had to prove I was a man.

But Sam is big and Sam is tough

And I think I have done enough

Damage to his chin and cheek.

Perhaps I’ll get a chance to speak

And say,”Let’s just forget this fight,

Or we’ll be wearing ice all night. “


It’s all your fault we’ve had this spat.

Sam used to be my friend in fact

Until you flashed your bright blue eyes

And tossed your curls at all the guys.

I’ve never felt this way before

Until you walked in through the door.

It’s all your fault; you are to blame,

Grade six will never be the same!

Noah’s Umbrella – Some Poetry Fun

Noah’s Umbrella

©   2015  Mollie Pearce McKibbon 


When old Noah built the ark

And the rain began to fall,

Mrs. Noah brought his umbrella

From the hatrack in the hall.


“You’ll need to count the animals

As they walk up the plank,

But you needn’t get all cold and wet

While standing in the dank.”


So Noah used his umbrella

As the animals marched past

And when he thought them all on board

He closed the ark at last.


“Wait for us, “ the spiders cried,

Mosquitoes, fleas and ants,.

“We want to come with you as well.

We’ll hide among the plants.”


The ark began to float away

And they were getting damp.

“Send us your umbrella

And we’ll float out to the ramp.”


If it hadn’t been for Noah

And his umbrella from the hall

We wouldn’t spend our summers

Slapping bugs against the wall!

noahs ark-woodpecker

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