The Legacy of Lace

Alanna's  Christening
Alanna’s Christening

When our daughter was born I was absolutely thrilled.  We had three sons and now we had a daughter I could fuss over.  When she was old enough, about three months, I was at last able to dress her completely in the Irish point lace robe and bonnet that Bud’s great grandmother O’Brien had made. This robe had been used in three, now four generations of the family.

 The photo above shows some of the detail but hardly does it justice.  It is absolutely exquisite and has been handed down to us along with some very dainty collars, also point lace.  When I think of the hours of patient tatting it took to produce such amazing handiwork, I feel very humbled indeed.  I made three afghans (one each for three grandchildren) that in no way compare to such artistry.  Now I want to preserve some of this loveliness for each of my grandchildren.  I think perhaps the pieces should be carefully washed and set in a suitable frame.  I will need to research just what will be the safest way to do that.  They are wonderful treasures that need to be passed down.

I also have a dainty sampler embroidered back in 1846 by my great, great aunt.  My mother had it put in a rich cherry frame and it sits above the organ in our living room.  Across the room from it is the oak desk built for my grandmother from shipping timber by my great grandfather who was a ship’s carpenter.  These objects are treasured, not only because of their age, but because of the loving thought that went into making them.  I hope that something my husband and I have made will have as much meaning to our future generations.  Even more than these things though, I treasure the faith that was passed down to me.  That legacy is priceless and it is be my deepest desire to pass it on to my grandchildren.  I pray that it will be so.