How I Made My Fascinators (or the Mad Hatter Strikes Again)

Before you are thoroughly sick of this topic, I thought I should explain how I made my fascinators.

Needed materials:  Dollar store headbands (the fabric covered ones)

sturdy felt (the flimsy kind won’t hold its shape)

needle and thread

silk flowers, ribbon, sheer fabric, buttons, lace etc.

Step number one:  Cut out  two felt circles (5-6 inch radius).  Place one of the circles on the inside of the headband so that it is more to one side.  Sew the felt to the headband.


Step number two:  Place the other felt circle on top of the first one so that it covers the headband.  Pin in place.


Step number three: Sew the felt pieces together. Now you have a base upon which to put your embellishments.  I sewed mine in place, but you could use a fabric glue.






There are the three latest versions.  Now, I promise no more fascinators!  I hope this has been helpful for those who are interested in making some themselves.  It’s been fun, but its time to move on to another addicting craft.  Heeeheeeheee…