His Mighty Hands

Godscapes - universe
I was looking through a book of songs I have written when I came across this I hymn I wrote to the music “Londonderry Aire” when one of our sons was part of a team building a full size rocket “The Canadian Arrow”.

His Mighty Hands

Words: © 2001 Mollie Pearce McKibbon


Beyond the earth, stars shine within the universe

While other worlds revolve around their suns.

Our eyes look up to God’s amazing canopy

And our hearts praise the wondrous work He’s done.


For God is Lord of all that is around us.

His mighty hands have shaped and formed it all,

And we are loved so dearly that He gave his Son,

The willing sacrificial Lamb for one and all.


Stardust and dreams go whirling through the atmosphere;

Rainbows and love are part of God’s design.

There is no limit to His power and artistry;

It all delights and challenges our minds.


Because of God, we have our place upon the earth,

And He alone deserves our trust and awe,

For everyone is part of God’s eternal plan;

To love each other is his sacred law.



A Hymn of Thanksgiving

I wrote this hymn a number of years ago and have now revised it.

Shout Joyfully Unto the Lord

©2006 Mollie Pearce McKibbon

(based on Psalm 98)


Shout Joyfully unto the Lord,

Break forth in song and praise.

The world and all who dwell in it

Shall celebrate his ways.

For the Lord of mercy and of love

Still calls to you and me

To come within his warm embrace

And evermore be free.


Our Shield and our Salvation,

Our Lantern and our Bread;

The Lord provides us with our needs

And with his Word we’re fed.

There is no place that we can stray

Beyond our Father’s reach,

And though we stumble into hell,

Its ramparts He will breach.


The Lord above is Lord always

And evermore shall be.

His right hand and his holy arm

Have gained the victory.

Sing Hallelujah on the harp,

Sound the trumpet and the horn,

For God is God all powerful;

In Him we are reborn.


Give thanks, give thanks to God always!

What else have we to give?

Our hearts are made for praising Him

And in his Son we live.

For God has given all for us

Through Christ his only son,

The First Fruit of his harvest yield;

Through faith in him we we’re one.