A Hymn for Busy Times

Winter church

Make Me A Temple, Lord

©Mollie Pearce McKibbon

Busy the market place,

The people crowded in;

Money was changing hands

Within the temple din,

When suddenly, anger divine

Cut through the clamour in God’s shrine.


Jesus, the Son of God,

Called out in the great dismay.

“My Father’s Holy house

Must not be used this way!”

He strode between the seller’s wares

O’er-turning tables everywhere.


O Jesus, cleanse my heart;

Make me holy within,

For I am full of pain

And weary fighting sin.

But You, O Lord, can me renew

So I can truly follow You.


Make me a temple, Lord.

Direct my thoughts above.

O purify my soul

And fill me full of love.

For You have promised me a place

In heaven if I seek your grace.