A Lenten Poem

Jesus crucifiedSomething About That Man


© 2016 Mollie Pearce McKibbon



Oh what’s the hubbub in the street?

I hear the sound of marching feet.

I hear the shouts of an angry crowd –

They’re coming closer; they’re getting loud.


See the Man with the crown of thorns?

He’s the One that King Herod scorns.

They’re driving him up Golgotha’s slope –

A merciless place without hope.


There’s something about that Man’s face

Reminds me of a time and place

Where he and his friends shared their meal

And went about to teach and heal.


They say He now claims to be God

And his miracles were a fraud.

But I saw the lame he made walk,

The blind to see, the mute to talk.


I heard the stories that He taught

And felt the hope that He brought.

I must protest this awful fate

Brought on because of fear and hate.


Yet, I stand silent on the hill,

Urging my conscience to be still

And when they plant that awful tree,

My voice is stopped; my eyes won’t see.


As I gaze at the darkened sky,

I hear his words, his groaning cry,

“Father, forgive them for my sake,”

And I feel  my own heart  break.