Saddle Song

Saddle Song

©2015 Mollie Pearce McKibbon



cowboy on horsebackO leave me in the saddle

Where life is simple, rough and clear,

Where everything I value

Is in my horse, this land, my gear.

O let my eyes meander

Over the waving seas of grass

To the mountains and the snow

That fills up in the skyward pass.

When my boots are in the stirrups

And my old saddle leather creaks,

My heart is soaring upward<a

To the foothills and the peaks.

There is no time to spend

Regretting things unsaid or done

While bald eagles catch my eye

Circling lazily in the sun.

At night the Milky Way is broad

And I am happily in rhythm

With the mighty plans of God

And my thoughts of cowboy heaven.