Snowed In


Snowed In

©2020 Mollie Pearce McKibbon

Snow falls on a frosty day

When spruce and pine can barely

Lift their long, sagging branches

With their thick, icy burdens

And my mind, oppressed by 

A tyranny of empty pages,

Determinedly pursues

An erratic, errant muse.

Poem for Christmas

Shines A Star

©2014 Mollie Pearce McKibbon

Above all shines a star baby-Jesus-in-a-manger1

With a light so bright,

Even in the darkness

It makes day of night.

Shining in the heavens

On the earth below,

All is hushed and waiting,

Longing now to know.


In a humble stable

Where cattle are found,

Everything is silent,

Not a single sound.

Not one sheep is bleating,

Nor do cattle low,

All is hushed and waiting,

Longing now to know.


Upon the hills around

Heaven’s music swells;

In angelic voices

Ring out holy bells.

Sing now hallelujahs

Loving hearts can hear;

Kneel in adoration,

God will soon appear.


Has God come in glory,

In bright robes of gold,

With a celestial army

As was once foretold?

No, not in all beauty

With power and might,

But as a helpless baby

In the darkest night.


No one had suspected,

Such a wondrous plan

Holiness perfected

In the heart of man.

Jesus, fair Jesus,

Born in humble stall,

God’s holy Word alive,

His love redeeming all.