A Small Man Named Zaccheus

A Small Man Named Zaccheus
Words © 2016 by Mollie Pearce McKibbon
7 6 7 6
A small man was Zaccheus,
So small he couldn’t see,
Over all the throngs that came
To sit round Jesus’ knee.

Climb down that tree, Zaccheus!
Climb down from that high view.
Lord Jesus Christ is coming;
The King of Kings loves you.

The Lord looked up and saw him,
The taxman in the tree,
And Jesus called to Zaccheus,
“Come down and eat with me.”


Though others shunned Zaccheus
For all his cheating part.
Lord Jesus saw his suff’ring
And knew He’d change his heart.


There’s no heart that can not change
Once Jesus is let in,
For Jesus knows our burdens
And cleans away our sin.


A Church Anniversary Hymn

Church front doorHere is a hymn I wrote one year for our church anniversary.

Once Again We Meet

© 2004 Mollie Pearce McKibbon

8 7 8 7



Once again we meet together.

One again our voices raise

As a family forever

To God alone we sing praise!




When you’re weary and you stumble

If upon you knees you fall,

Every heart that turns to Jesus,

Brother, sister, we will call.



Stone and mortar, beam and rafter,

Will ,like mortal flesh, decay,

But our joyous songs and laughter

From God’s ears won’t fade away.



As we celebrate beginnings,

Knowing God goes on and one,

In our hearts there is no ending

To Salvation’s triumph song!

Ask Jesus In


Ask Jesus In

©2011 Mollie McKibbon


When Jesus comes knocking at the door of your heart,

Ask him in.

When Jesus comes knocking at the door of your heart,

Ask him in.

Don’t sit alone in the cold and the dark,

Moping and hoping for a tiny spark.

Welcome him.  Welcome him.


When Jesus come knocking at the door of your soul,

Ask him in.

When Jesus comes knocking at the door of your soul,

Ask him in.

Never sit and wait for the death knell toll,

Open the door and he will make you whole.

Welcome him.  Welcome him.


When Jesus bids you come by his Holy Spirit,

Answer him.

When Jesus bids you come by his Holy Spirit,

Answer him.

His voice is calling you ever near it.

Pray that you’re listening so you will hear it.

Follow him!  Follow him!

A New Hymn for Sunday

Here is the hymn I wrote for the lectionary passage for this Sunday (Matthew 5: 13-20).

Salt and Light

Words © 2013 by Mollie Pearce McKibbon




Salt and light our Saviour calls us,

Salt and light so we must be,

Sharing hope and truth with others

With our love and empathy.



Salt and light our Saviour named us,

Pure and honest we must be,

Consecrate our days to Jesus

So God’s kingdom we will see.



Salt and light we must be bearing,

Pain and hatred to confound.

It’s God’s love that we are sharing;

Spread it gently all around.

Hymn for a Troubled Heart

Hymn for a Troubled Heart


I wrote this hymn recently while I was ill, thinking of those who were and sadly, still are chronically or gravely ill.


You Are

Words © Mollie Pearce McKibbon 2013

6 5 6 4  Chorus 8 8 8 8




In the hours of pain, Lord,

I become aware

When it’s hard to breathe, Lord,

You are my air.



You are my blanket in the cold,

My warm embrace as I grow old.

In the deep darkness of  the night,

You are my joy; you are my light.


In the hours of fear, Lord,

I will be secure.

When it hurts to hope, Lord,

You are my cure.


In the hours of grief, Lord,

I know I am blessed.

When my heart is numb, Lord,

You are my rest.



Do you think this needs another verse?  Please give me your opinion.  I will greatly appreciate the help.

My Very First Hymn


In 2001 I wrote my first hymn.  I have always written, but never did I imagine writing a hymn.  There was a hymn that I wanted to use in our service, but our organist disliked the words.  I said (, thinking “how hard could it be!” ) “Will you play it, Doris, if I write new words for it?”  Doris said she would and so I embarked on a journey that has proved both very exciting and very difficult.  You see, I don’t read music.  I’ve never played an instrument.  But, ignorance is bliss, so I started.  Oh my, the crumpled paper!  The erasures!  The scribbled lines that didn’t make the final draft.  Anyhow, here it is and I am still writing.

In the Beginning

©2001 Mollie Pearce McKibbon


In the beginning, all was in silence;

Darkness and water covered the earth.

God’s Word made sunlight, moon-glow and star-shine,

Green grass and flowers, birdsong and mirth.


God’s Word is blessed, God’s Word is sacred,

Brought forth as human, caring and kind;

Healer and teacher, prophet and Saviour;

Love resurrected, King beyond time.


Word of elation, Word of salvation;

Jesus, beloved, full of God’s grace.

Wonderful counsellor, Manna from heaven;

All that You are God, shines from your face.


May the world praise You, O God Almighty,

May we all sing praise, ever to You.

Open our hearts God, to your Word spoken,

Make your Word known, God, all the world through.


I was really thrilled when the Southern Ontario Chapter of the Hymn Society  chose this hymn, along with hymns from three other writers, to be sung at a Hymn festival in Toronto.  It was thrilling to hear it sung by a wonderful soprano and then by a full choir.  If anyone would like to use this hymn please contact me through this blog as I do own the copyright.bible in hand

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