Springtime Poetry

Hopefully Spring is just around the (brrrr) corner. Here are two poems I wrote for spring.


Line Dancing

©2014 Mollie Pearce McKibbon 


My clothesline is doing the salsa today –

It took the blue denims to get underway.

My flannelette nightie is starting to swing,

While the red plaid pajamas perform highland flings.

The white percale sheets with their corners so neat

Are twirling and swirling, a marvelous feat!

And Granny’s old housecoat twists in the breeze

With Junior’s bermudas and daughter’s bright T’s.

You’ll never see a fandango so fine

As my laundry is dancing all over the line.



Spring Song

©2012 Mollie Pearce McKibbon


Flowers for a bouquet,

Tadpoles in a jar,

Rocks inside our pockets

So we know where they are.

We skipped across the meadow,

Splashed across the pond,

Climbed up all the hillsides

To see the farms beyond.

Cattails are aplenty,

Pussy willows too,

Busy bees are buzzing,

Now what’s left for us to do?