All Dressed-up

All Dressed-up

©2011 by Mollie Pearce McKibbon

I took time at dressing.

My clothes were all brand new

And I took extra time

To shine my high-heeled shoes.

With hair carefully coiffed

And my eyelashes a-curl,

I thought, there’ll be no doubt

That I’m a modern girl.


My pink nail polish matched

The latest springtime theme.

My lipstick was shiny

And my eye shadow a-sheen.

I’d sprayed and I’d powdered

From my head to my feet.

In my mind was no doubt-

The picture was complete.




Assured by my mirror


Upon the bedroom wall,

I knew I was ready

For every protocol.


Wearing my sweetest smile,

I stepped out my front door

To a loud clap of thunder

And an instant rain downpour!

Spring is Around the Corner?

Here is another bit of poetry I once wrote for spring.

An Ode to the Breeze

©2011 Mollie Pearce McKibbon

There’s nothing more delightful

Than a fresh spring breeze

As it ruffles through my tresses

And tickles cross my knees.


Oh my, the wind is blowing

The branches of the trees

And it’s spreading lots of pollen

Causing me to sneeze.


The wind has started howling,

Blowing hats and  scarves to sea.

It’s taken my umbrella

But it won’t get me!                                                   very_windy-clipart

Springtime Poetry

Hopefully Spring is just around the (brrrr) corner. Here are two poems I wrote for spring.


Line Dancing

©2014 Mollie Pearce McKibbon 


My clothesline is doing the salsa today –

It took the blue denims to get underway.

My flannelette nightie is starting to swing,

While the red plaid pajamas perform highland flings.

The white percale sheets with their corners so neat

Are twirling and swirling, a marvelous feat!

And Granny’s old housecoat twists in the breeze

With Junior’s bermudas and daughter’s bright T’s.

You’ll never see a fandango so fine

As my laundry is dancing all over the line.



Spring Song

©2012 Mollie Pearce McKibbon


Flowers for a bouquet,

Tadpoles in a jar,

Rocks inside our pockets

So we know where they are.

We skipped across the meadow,

Splashed across the pond,

Climbed up all the hillsides

To see the farms beyond.

Cattails are aplenty,

Pussy willows too,

Busy bees are buzzing,

Now what’s left for us to do?

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